I could not! have been more pleased with the heating and air system you put in my house. Your staff was so easy to work with and totally trustworthy. You even made a service call at no cost when it was a problem caused by our granddaughter. Thank you so much and I could not recommend your company more.

Johnnie Griffith

Johnnie Griffith, N. Chattanooga
First of all, I will summarize by saying the installation met or exceeded all of my expectations.

You were responsive when I first contacted your company regarding assessing my heating/cooling needs. When you were at the house, I appreciated you giving me information regarding installation/operational deficiencies of my old unit. The installation deficiency include the extra drain holes not being plugged and the operational defficiency included the attic door not closing tight.
You also advised that the drain pain was about rusted out. I must admit that I was a little disappointed that after having your company to come out and check the operation of the unit on past occasions that no one previously addressed the drain plug issue. Although not factual on my part, I suspect it may have affected the air coming out of the vents by a couple of degrees.

Regarding the new installation, I appreciated you stopping by in the morning, and letting me know what to expect regarding the installation. Your team was very conscience in being careful by putting down drop clothes on the floor, as well as being careful as they were transporting parts. You may not know this, but as your Job Foreman was going up the attic steps with the welding equipment, the bottom part of the steps broke off. Repairing the steps became like a riddle in terms of making the proper cuts/adjustments to get them to fold up properly, plus be the correct length. Although not perfect, the steps were repaired back to an operational state. In case you are wondering why I am going into this length of detail regarding this issue. I feel like your guys made a great effort to repair the steps to an operational state, which they accomplished. I was impressed when the Job Foreman advised me if I was not sat! isfied with the repair then or even later, to let you all know, and you all would replace the steps. That showed concern that you all wanted to make sure I was satisfied with the work performed.

Before your team went to lunch, they let me know they were going to lunch and gave me an approximation when they would return. I was most impressed when a person came back in the house after removing the drop clothes to vaccum up dirt, etc. When your guys left, the house and yard were clean of all items.

I don’t know how often you all have someone watching an installation like I did; however, everyone was friendly and professional.

A few days after you all installed the new unit, I did screw the attic door closed to increase the efficiency of the new unit. That was one of your recommendations.

Andre’ Boaz

Andre’ Boaz

Andre’ Boaz, Chattanooga

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your honesty and workmanship. Everything work out exactly how you explained it to me, from choice of unit for my home to very professional installation. Other than a very quiet unit and even temperatures through out the upstairs of my home, I would never have known you had been in my house. Again thank you for the best of service and sorry for all the questions. If you ever need me as a reference please feel free to do so.

Thank You

Marty Grant

Marty Grant

Marty Grant, Mobray Mtn.
Bryan: As I mentioned on the phone, just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the great job your men did. They were so thorough, courteous & efficient. They left a very nice looking installation job, cleaned up everything, thoughtful and very nice to work with. The unit seems to be operating perfectly and we are very pleased and happy. It is hard these days to find anyone that will do things right, especially the first time. Will definitely recommend you to friends & family.

Thanks again, Orville & Carol Shupe

Orville & Carol Shupe

Orville & Carol Shupe, Brainerd

Everything about the service your company provided during the installation of our HVAC system was top notch. We’re also very happy with the performance of the new unit.

Rick Gehrke

Rick Gehrke

Rick Gehrke, N. Chattanooga
Brian, I just Wanted to thank you for the tremendous job, installing the filtering systems on our two units. Your crew, headed by Shane, was highly competent, and the installations were very professionally done. They even cleaning up the mess so that there was no evidence that four men had been working here all day. As you know, we have been depending on your company for over thirty years and have always been pleased. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

Colbert & Pat Whitaker

Colbert & Pat Whitaker

Colbert & Pat Whitaker, Mtn. Shadows
Brian, just a short email to let you and your company know that we are very satisfied with the subject unit that was installed this summer. Your staff from sales, installation, clean up and follow up earn high marks for the professional way of doing business. We will be in touch with you when our second unit needs to be replaced. Furthermore, we will let our neighbors and friends know that we would recommend your company if they need HVAC assistance.

Bob Horn

Bob Horn, E. Brainerd

I am sorry I missed you yesterday, I was out of town on business. I got back about 1am this morning and am just now having a chance to look at everything.

WOW! From what I can see, your crew did an outstanding job. You have exceeded my expectations by far with the installation, everything is as discussed, very neat, and very professional in appearance. I am extremely happy with how everything turned out. Thank you!

It seems it has become harder and harder to find people who will do what they say they will do. I really did not know what to expect on this job since I had never worked with you before. I had a gut feeling that you were the right way to go. For once, my following my gut looks like the right decision.

Finally, I would like to talk with you about redoing the duct work in my attic. I think your duct guy could make quick work of it and really improve the neatness and spacing in the attic.

Thank you again. If you need any kind of reference, for a future bid, please let me know. My neighbor on the right has 4 Carrier units and my neighbor on the left needs two new units. I am going to show them your work.

Best Regards,

Mike Standish

Mike Standish

Mike Standish, Chattanooga